About VandsTech

VandsTech LLC’s foundation is embedded in multimedia technology procurement. As our slogan, “Surveillance Security System Designs Like No Other” suggests, our niche service is CCTV system installations. Our brand’s motive shares a synergistic relationship with world renown brands in the technology industry and we take pride in provisioning our clients with effective solutions that make an impact and build confidence within their day-to-day operations.

We have an immense portfolio of implemented world class high definition systems for clientele encompassing various supermarket franchises, automotive dealerships and a number of other private enterprises. VandsTech’s overall objective and mission is to provide immeasurable customer satisfaction and world class security design by procuring the most effective means of assurance and protection.

VandsTech LLC offers a plethora of comprehensive multimedia services for residential and commercial properties. Our bandwidth stretches beyond security camera installations because we understand that your assets aren’t always valued with a price tag. Getting you connected efficiently is our priority and to make your life easier we offer remote management and monitoring services.

VandsTech LLC Services

  • Closed Circuit Security Video Camera installations
  • Phone Systems | Analog, Digital & VioP (Voice over internet protocol) and PA system installation (public audio/announcement and paging). This is ideal for warehouses and corporate offices, small and large.
  • Multimedia | Implementation of multiple unit display walls, Audio & Video (multiple device virtual matrix switch configuration)
  • VandsTech is a Certified SONOS agent. (Will configure setups)
  • Networking | We handle the preparation of any networking setups and issues you may have in households and on business sites.
  • Wireless device setup designs will enable household connectivity with internet connection. (Upgrades are available)/ Technical troubleshooting offered)
  • Remote Management and Monitoring Services for CCTV systems (contact for more info)